Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not much sleep = I've nearly lost my mind(fulness) = a day of YES.

I often blame the full moon for insomnia, but last night was a new moon night.  I awoke when my night owl of a hubby came to bed, and could not get back to sleep for anything.  I drank some tea, trolled FaceBook for interesting bits, and finally decided to meditate.  Oh monkey-mind of mine, thank you for chattering incessantly for hours.  Fast forward to 7:00 when I have to be a real person, a real mom.  Thank goodness for kids who know how to make their own lunches and breakfast.
Today I'm putting my mind on my mouth again... this time to make sure that it says 'yes' to more.  And, also on my attitude.  Yes, we can be silly, yes we can read another story.  Yes I can clean up the kitchen even though I don't want to.  Yes it will all be okay.  Yes it already is.

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