Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heart Freaky

I do this crazy thing.  I have a reminder set up on my phone for 11:11 am and 11:11 pm.  At those times, there's a little, happy 'ding' and the reminder reads 'Heart Freaky'.  Why yes, this is an example of Siri not understanding me.  But, I don't blame her, a lot of flesh and blood ears do not know the word 'Reiki' either.  I wanted the reminder to say 'Heart Reiki', but now that it says 'Heart Freaky' I laugh every time, and it's an even better reminder.  I'm not going to go into a long explanation about what Reiki is, you can go here for that. But, I will tell you that I am a Reiki Master (oooooo) and that I do practice Reiki daily.  This particular reminder was to remind me to send some heart centered Reiki to a dear friend who recently had a heart attack.  I'm usually awake at both 11:11's, so I figured it was a good time, and often I get to do it twice!  

Today, when the chime dinged, I was at the grocery store with my four-year-old, finding the items that matched the coupons he had helped me clip earlier.  A treasure hunt in the store.  I have several other reminders on my phone, so sometimes 'Heart Freaky' still surprises me.  It did today.  In the middle of dodging the tiny shopping cart (ankles, beware!) and letting my helper know that no, we were not going to buy a 16 pack of juice boxes, DING! I glanced at my watch.  11:11.  I stopped, took a slow, deep breath, placed my hand over my heart and just sighed.  My own heart felt heavy.  He who made me laugh so hard I peed, Robin Williams, has gone on.  He had heart disease, heart surgery, depression and addictions.  He, after all, was human. 

My big guy shouting "MOM!" from around the corner, brought me out of my reverie, but I revisited it tonight.  Tonight at 11:11, I was watching "Hook" with my two eldest children.  In the scene where Peter (played beautifully by Robin) was trying to fly by thinking happy thoughts, the tears started coming and did not stop.  I tried to hug my giant firstborn, my son, the pirate.  He resisted, but I still hugged on.  My husband stopped the movie, waiting for me to stop crying.  The poignancy, the irony, the beauty of it all. 

It all got me thinking.  We all need love.  Love, sweet love.  I'm going to continue with my Heart Freaky.  Yes, it's still directed at the original friend, but I have lots to give, so I'm just going to keep giving, blowing a big love bubble to everyone.  Who wants to join me???  Here's my practice, just for an example:

(set a reminder for 11:11, (our your fave time) am and pm)
(promptly forget about it)

When the alarm rings,
Breathe in, deeply.
Breath out, slowly
(If you are able) Rub your hands together until they're warm
Place them over your heart
Feel your heart beating
Breathe deeply and feel the warmth of your hands over your heart
Focus your minds eye or the person/people/planet you'd like to send love to.
Breathe in and out deeply, continuing to hold your focus for 3 or more cycles of breath.
Now take one more deep breath, into your heart space, receiving.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August is upon us.

The weather is warm,
The water is sweet,
Come to the edge,
Dip your feet.
August blazing
Noontime sun
Azure sky,
Clouds, not one.
Soak it in
And soak it up
Summers in,
Fill your cup.