Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Heart is in my Hands

As a mom, my hands are in constant motion and use.  And yet, I'm mostly unconscious of them.  Bringing some consciousness into my hands helps me to remember what amazing tools they are.  One of the ways I have done this is through dancing in my Nia classes.  My instructor is often giving different prompts for using our hands in unique ways:  Desire finger (index), Commitment finger (ring), etc.  Learning about the different properties of the fingers definitely challenges me to keep an open mind--I find myself thinking, "Oh, they're just fingers."  But then I am amazed by how different I feel when I've actually worked consciously with my fingers.  I've had the same experience when working with mudras in yoga and meditation.  Today, I simply want to be conscious of my hands, as they pet the animals, as they wash each other, as they chop vegetables, as they hold a small one across the street, as they play holiday piano music, as they knit and as they are still. 
Here's also a lovely hand meditation that Sounds True sent in the weekly update a couple weeks ago:
Hand Meditation with Jack Angelo.

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